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Product Advisory Notices from SAS

In response to customer and market demand, SAS continues to focus our research and development efforts on technologies and innovations that address the widest range of information needs. These efforts may cause changes to currently available products and solutions. When the impact of a change is significant to our users, a change notification will be posted below. Review the product status definitions

Operating Systems Support

Windows on Itanium and Open VMS Itanium not supported in SAS 9.3 attention
Due to changing market conditions, SAS 9.3 will drop support for Windows on Itanium (W64) and Open VMS Itanium (IVMS, VMI) operating systems. SAS will continue to assist customers in migrating to other operating systems. Note: SAS 9.2 will continue to support these operating systems.

Operating systems not supported in SAS 9.2 attention
SAS 9.2 will not be provided on any of the following operating systems.
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Family
  • Microsoft Windows NT 4
  • Tru64 UNIX
  • Open VMS Alpha
  • Linux for Itanium-based Systems
SAS Support for Alternative Operating Systems attention
Alternative operating systems are defined as variants of the commercially supported operating systems, which are most often targeted for use in customer sites. SAS will continue to release products on commercially supported versions of operating systems. SAS will work with customers to support a SAS deployment in an alternative operating system on a reasonable-effort basis.

Support for Microsoft Windows VistaTM attention
In conjunction with Microsoft's general availability of Windows Vista Operating System, SAS will be adding support for this operating system for the first time with release of SAS 9.2. SAS will support the three Windows Vista editions (both 32-bit and x64 bit versions) that are targeted at the business market.

VSE attention
SAS continues to provide technical support for VSE at Level C support, which means:
  • Free support is available by phone, e-mail or Web interface.
  • Our Technical Support staff investigates reported problems on a limited basis, and provides circumventions where possible, and fixes where already available.
  • No new zaps, patches, or source level maintenance (executable modules, or "hot fixes") will be developed or distributed.
  • Problem alert notifications are no longer be distributed.
CMS attention
SAS provides technical support for SAS 8.2 on CMS at Level A. Effective December 31, 2007, we will move to Level C support for SAS on CMS.