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Starting Servers
Server Startup Command
Specifying Metadata Connection Information
Customizing the Server Command for COM/DCOM Connections
Initializing UNIX Environment Variables for Workspace Servers
Invoking (Starting) the Spawner
On Windows
Updating a Spawner Service
On Alpha/VMS
Server and Services Startup Order
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Object Server Parameters
Spawner Invocation Options
Starting Servers

Starting the Spawner on UNIX

The SAS IOM server is launched in the client's home directory (as specified in the client's password entry). If the client has a directory in its home directory that is named the same as its user ID, SAS will use that directory as the SAS session's SASUSER path.

Note: If you are printing or using SAS/GRAPH procedures, you must set the DISPLAY environment variable to a running X server. For example, one of the following:

  •    export DISPLAY=<machine name>:0.0
  •    -set DISPLAY=<machine name>:0.0

Verify that elssrv, sasauth, and sasrun are owned by the root user and have the setuid bit enabled. If these settings are not enabled, the object spawner will not be able to launch SAS sessions. For instructions, see Setting the File Permissions.

Start the spawner program (called objspawn) using a command that specifies the appropriate options. (You should have already created a metadata configuration file for the spawner to use to access the SAS Metadata Server.) Refer to the Spawner Invocation Options for a complete list of valid options for the command.

The following example uses /sasv91/ as the directory in which SAS was installed and objspawn.xml as the name of the metadata configuration file that you created using the SAS Integration Technologies Configuration utility.

  • The following command launches the spawner, specifying the sasSpawner definition to use, the log file, and the configuration file to access the SAS Metadata Server:

    prompt> /sasv91/utilities/bin/objspawn
       -sasSpawnercn NameofSpawner -xmlConfigFile objspawn.xml
       -sasLogFile /sasv91/utilities/bin/objspawn.log

Note: After the spawner is started, an attempt is made to write a message to stdout indicating whether objspawn initialization completed or failed.

Setting the File Permissions

You can set the file permissions (enable the setuid bit and set the owner to root) for the files in !SASROOT/utilities/bin by using either of the following methods.

Method 1: Using SAS Setup

  1. Log on to the root account.
    $ su root
  2. Run SAS Setup from !SASROOT/sassetup.
  3. Select Run Setup Utilities from the SAS Setup Primary Menu.
  4. Select Perform SAS System Configuration.
  5. Select Configure User Authorization.

Method 2: Using the Command Line

From a UNIX prompt, type the following:

$ su root
# cd !SASROOT/utilities/bin
# chown root elssrv sasauth sasperm sasrun
# chmod 4755 elssrv sasauth sasperm sasrun
# exit