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Getting Started
Overview of Administration
Getting Started Without the SAS Configuration Wizard
Choosing a Server Configuration
Planning for Metadata
Getting Started With the SAS Configuration Wizard
Initial Directories
Initial Security
Initial Servers and Services
Initial Load-Balancing Stored Process Server Configuration and Security
Additional Planning
Setting Up Libraries
Initial Access Control
Getting Started

Initial Access Control

When you initialize a metadata repository, a repository access control template (ACT) is created and applied to the repository. A repository access control template controls access to a particular metadata repository and to resources that are registered in that repository for which definitive access controls are not specified. You can designate one repository ACT for each metadata repository at your site.

The repository ACT is also called the Default ACT, as shown in the following illustration.

Default ACT Available under Authorization Manager

[Default ACT Available under Authorization Manager]

By default, all users who can access the metadata server are given ReadMetadata and WriteMetadata permission to the repositories on the SAS Metadata Server. If your environment is not under change management, then ReadMetadata and WriteMetadata are the only two metadata permissions that are required to do the following tasks:

  • define metadata about servers, spawners, libraries, and other resources in a metadata repository

  • connect and disconnect from a SAS Workspace Server, SAS Stored Process Server, or SAS OLAP Server

Note:   For more information about granting or denying access to metadata resources, see the help for the Authorization Manager.