SAS/C® Library Reference

Volume 1

Release 6.00

Using This Book

Chapter 1: Introduction to the SAS/C® Library

Commonly Used Functions

Special Features

Compatibility with Standards

Rules for Using Different Releases of the Compiler and Library

Library Header Files

The errno Variable

System Macro Information

Definitions: <lcdef.h>

Implementation of Functions

Chapter 2: Function Categories


Character Type Macros and Functions

String Utility Functions

Mathematical Functions

Varying-Length Argument List Functions

General Utility Functions

Program Control Functions

Memory Allocation Functions

Diagnostic Control Functions

Timing Functions

I/O Functions

File Management Functions

System Interface and Environment Variables

Signal-Handling Functions

Chapter 3: I/O Functions


Technical Background

Technical Summaries

Chapter 4: Environment Variables

The Environment Variable Concept

OpenEdition Considerations

Environment Variables under CMS

Environment Variables under TSO

TSO Technical Notes for Environment Variables

Environment Variables under MVS Batch

Environment Variables under CICS

Chapter 5: Signal-Handling Functions


Terminology Used in Signal Handling

Types of Signal Support

Supported Signals

Choosing Signal Support Using oesigsetup

Handling Signals

Generating Signals

Discovering Asynchronous Signals

Blocking Signals

Using Signals Portably

Using Signals Reliably

Signal Descriptions

Chapter 6: Function Descriptions



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