System Requirements
SAS® Data Integration Server 4.9


To keep pace with changes to third-party technologies, SAS has adopted a general policy of supporting one or more baseline major versions and subsequent minor updates for each officially supported operating system. For example, if the baseline for SAS x is Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1, SAS x will also support Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.7 under this policy.

The full SAS Support policy that applies to third-party software can be found at As part of this policy, SAS strongly encourages customers to install the latest operating-system service packs.

Server Tier Requirements

SAS Data Integration Server

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SAS Data Integration Server includes two SAS/ACCESS engines of choice. It also includes three SAS Metadata Bridges, plus General Industry Standards, which is included automatically.

SAS Metadata Server

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SAS makes the following recommendations for SAS Metadata Server deployments:

  • a 64-bit host system
  • a dedicated machine to simplify tuning, management, and diagnostics
  • multi-core server hardware because SAS Metadata Server is multi-threaded
  • four or more cores for production deployments

The disk I/O performance of any server-class system should be sufficient. Memory requirements are highly dependent on the product mix and usage, but 8 GB of RAM are sufficient for most large deployments. For many deployments, 4 GB of RAM are sufficient and should be considered a minimum, unless the specific deployment is tested and verified to require less memory.

Client Tier Requirements

SAS Data Integration Clients

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SAS Data Integration Clients includes three SAS Metadata Bridges products of choice in addition to the ones listed above.

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