The GEE Procedure

Syntax: GEE Procedure

The following statements are available in the GEE procedure. Items within <> are optional.

  • PROC GEE <options>;

  • BY variables;

  • CLASS variable <(options)> …<variable <(options)>> </ options>;

  • ESTIMATE <'label'> estimate-specification </ options>;

  • FREQ | FREQUENCY variable;

  • LSMEANS <model-effects> </ options>;

  • MISSMODEL <effects> </ options>;

  • MODEL response = <effects > </ options>;

  • OUTPUT <OUT=SAS-data-set> <keyword=namekeyword=name>;

  • REPEATED SUBJECT=subject-effect </ options>;

  • WEIGHT variable;

The syntax of the GEE procedure compares most closely to that of the GENMOD procedures. The PROC GEE, MODEL, and REPEATED statements are required. All other statements can appear only once. The following sections describe the PROC GEE statement and then describe the other statements in alphabetical order.