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Multivariate Analyses

Output Variables

You can save component scores from principal component analysis, component rotation, canonical correlation analysis, maximum redundancy analysis, and canonical discriminant analysis in the data window for use in subsequent analyses. For component rotation, the number of component output variables is the number of components rotated, as specified in Figure 40.4. For other analyses, you specify the number of component output variables in the Output Options dialogs, shown in Figure 40.6 to Figure 40.10, or from the Vars menu, shown in Figure 40.52. For component rotation, you specify the number of output rotated components in the Rotation Options dialog, shown in Figure 40.4.


Figure 40.52: Vars Menu

Selecting 1, 2, or 3 gives you 1, 2, or 3 components. All gives you all components. Selecting 0 in the component options dialogs suppresses the output variables in the corresponding analysis. Selecting Other in the Vars menu displays the dialog shown in Figure 40.53. You specify the number of components you want to save in the dialog.

mult44.gif (2048 bytes)

Figure 40.53: Output Components Dialog

Principal Components

Principal Component Rotation

Canonical Variables

Maximum Redundancy

Canonical Discriminant

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