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Multivariate Analyses

Weighted Analyses

When the observations are independently distributed with a common mean and unequal variances, a weighted analysis may be appropriate. The individual weights are the values of the Weight variable you specify.

The following statistics are modified to incorporate the observation weights:

 \bullet \rm {\hvb Mean}   { {\overline y}_{w}}, { {\overline x}_{w}}
 \bullet \rm {\hvb SSCP}   Uyy, Uyx, Uxx
 \bullet \rm {\hvb CSSCP}   Cyy, Cyx, Cxx
 \bullet \rm {\hvb COV}   Syy, Syx, Sxx
 \bullet \rm {\hvb CORR}   Ryy, Ryx, Rxx

The formulas for these weighted statistics are given in the "Method" section earlier in this chapter. The resulting weighted statistics are used in the multivariate analyses.

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