MAKE Statement

MAKE table OUT=SAS-data-set<SAS-data-set options> ;

The MAKE statement creates a SAS data set from any of the tables produced by the RELIABILITY procedure. You can specify SAS data set options in parentheses after the data set name. You can specify one MAKE statement for each table that you want to save to a SAS data set.

The ODS statement also creates SAS data sets from tables, in addition to providing an extensive and flexible method of controlling output created by the RELIABILITY procedure. The ODS statement is the recommended method of controlling procedure output; however, the MAKE statement is provided for compatibility with earlier releases of the SAS System.

The valid values for table are shown in the section ODS Table Names, organized by the RELIABILITY procedure statement that produces the tabular output. The table names are not case sensitive, but they must be enclosed in single quotes.