Primary Statements

The following are the primary statements that control the RELIABILITY procedure:

<label:>ANALYZE variable < $*$ censor-variable(values)> <=group-variables>
</ options> ;
<label:>MCFPLOT variable $*$ cost/censor-variable(values) <=group-variables>
</ options> ;
MODEL variable < $*$ censor-variable(values)> <=independent-variables>
</ options> ;
<label:>PROBPLOT variable < $*$ censor-variable(values)> <=group-variables>
</ options> ;
<label:>RELATIONPLOT variable < $*$ censor-variable(values)> <=group-variables>
</ options> ;

The PROC RELIABILITY statement invokes the procedure.

The plot statements ( PROBPLOT, RELATIONPLOT, and MCFPLOT) create graphical displays. Each of the plot statements has options that control the content and appearance of the plots they create. The default settings provide the best plots for many purposes; however, if you want to control specific details of the plots, such as axis limits or background colors, then you need to specify the options.

In addition to graphical output, each plot statement provides analysis results in tabular form. The tabular output also can be controlled with statement options.

The MODEL and ANALYZE statements produce only tabular analysis output, not graphical displays.

You can specify one or more of the plot and ANALYZE statements. If you specify more than one MODEL statement, only the last one specified is used.