AUTHLIB Procedure

REMOVE Statement

Removes the physical security information and metadata objects that protect a metadata-bound library so it is no longer a metadata-bound library.
Requirement: A connection to the target metadata server. For more requirements, see Requirements to Use PROC AUTHLIB Statements.


Required Arguments

specifies a single password for a metadata-bound library.
specifies one of a maximum of three password values for a metadata-bound library.
specifies one of a maximum of three password values for a metadata-bound library.
specifies one of a maximum of three password values for a metadata-bound library.

Optional Argument

name of the physical library where the metadata-bound library is created and the security information is stored.
If the LIBRARY= option is not specified, the physical library from the PROC AUTHLIB statement is used.
Alias:LIB=, DDNAME=, DD=
Restriction:The physical library specified cannot be a concatenated library or temporary library and must be processed by an engine that supports metadata-bound libraries.


The REMOVE statement is used to unbind the metadata-bound library feature from a SAS data library and the data sets within it. This statement also removes the secured library and secured table objects from the SAS Metadata Server. The data sets remain in the physical library protected by the metadata-bound library passwords unless the administrator specifies password modifications in the REMOVE statement. Since the metadata-bound library feature is being removed and there is no longer a requirement that the data set passwords match the metadata-bound library passwords, the data set passwords can be removed by using a / after the current password but not specifying a new password value. If you choose to do this, you are warned in the SAS log that the data sets no longer have any SAS protection.
The REMOVE statement will not unbind any data sets that are currently bound to a secured table object in a different secured library than the one to which this physical library is bound.
Note: Ensure that all physical tables that are protected by a particular metadata-bound library remain within that library (directory). This standard, default state maximizes clarity and is essential for REMOVE statements to be fully effective. Special circumstances (for example, a table that is host copied to another directory) can prevent a REMOVE statement from unbinding the relocated data set.