AUTHLIB Procedure

REPORT Statement

For a specified metadata-bound library, compares physical library contents with corresponding metadata objects (in order to identify any inconsistencies).
Requirement: A connection to the target metadata server. For more requirements, see Requirements for Using the REPORT Statement.


PROC AUTHLIB <option-1 <...option-n>>;

Optional Argument

name of the physical library where the metadata-bound library is created and the metadata security information is stored.
If the LIBRARY= option is not specified, the physical library from the PROC AUTHLIB statement is used.
Alias:LIB=, DDNAME=, DD=
Restriction:The physical library specified cannot be a concatenated library or temporary library and must be processed by an engine that supports metadata-bound libraries.


Requirements for Using the REPORT Statement

An administrator uses the REPORT statement to identify any inconsistencies between a physical metadata-bound library and its corresponding metadata objects.
In order to use the REPORT statement, you must meet the following criteria:
  • The SAS session runs under an account that has host-layer Read access to the target physical library. This is necessary in order to assign the libref.
  • The SAS session connects to the metadata server as an identity that has the ReadMetadata permission for the target secured library object and secured table objects.
  • If the library has secured library object location information and the secured library object cannot be obtained, you will need to use the AUTHADMIN=YES option in the LIBNAME= statement in order to assign the library.

Reporting Inconsistencies

The REPORT statement is used to report any inconsistencies between the physical library contents and the corresponding metadata objects.
Inconsistencies between the metadata security information in the physical directory, data sets, the secured library, and secured table objects might occur if the metadata or the operating system files are manipulated using nonstandard SAS processing. For example, an operating system data set copied from one directory into a metadata-bound library directory using an operating system copy utility will not have the appropriate security information for that metadata-bound library. Another example is that an administrator might mistakenly delete a secured library or secured table object using SAS Management Console.
The REPORT statement reports the secured table and metadata-bound library security information for each data set in the operating system directory of the library. This data set information is grouped by the metadata-bound library attributes that all the data sets share. If any data sets in the physical library are correctly registered to the secured library object for the library and have the required passwords, those data sets and attributes will be listed as the first grouping in the report. Subsequent groupings are for data sets with either passwords that differ from the metadata-bound library passwords or whose metadata-bound library security information does not match the metadata-bound library location registered for the operating system directory.