AUTHLIB Procedure

MODIFY Statement

Modifies password values for a metadata-bound library.
Requirement: A connection to the target metadata server. For more requirements, see Requirements to Use PROC AUTHLIB Statements.


Required Arguments

modifies a single password for a metadata-bound library.
modifies one of a maximum of three password values for a metadata-bound library.
modifies one of a maximum of three password values for a metadata-bound library.
modifies one of a maximum of three password values for a metadata-bound library.

Optional Arguments

name of the physical library for which the metadata-bound library is created and the security information is stored.
If the LIBRARY= option is not specified, the physical library from the AUTHLIB procedure is used.
Alias:LIB=, DDNAME=, DD=
Restriction:The physical library specified cannot be a concatenated library or temporary library and must be processed by an engine that supports metadata-bound libraries.
specifies whether the MODIFY statement action is applied at the library level or just to the tables. If TABLESONLY=NO, the action is applied to the library and data sets. If TABLESONLY=YES, the action is applied only to the data sets.


Using the MODIFY Statement

The MODIFY statement can modify the value of the required metadata-bound library passwords. This statement can also modify passwords on data sets (tables) that do not have the required metadata-bound library password values. The TABLES statement follows the MODIFY statement to specify current passwords in the data sets.
If your physical library is currently bound to a metadata library with one set of passwords and you want to change the metadata-bound library passwords to another set, specify the current and new values for the metadata-bound library passwords separated by a / in the MODIFY statement. See Changing Metadata-Bound Library Passwords.
If your physical library contains password-protected data sets with different sets of passwords from the metadata-bound library passwords, then you can modify the data set passwords to match the metadata-bound library required passwords using the MODIFY and TABLES statements. Specify the metadata-bound library passwords in the MODIFY statement. Specify the data sets with each set of passwords on separate TABLES statements. See Changing Passwords on Data Sets .

Using the LIBRARY= Option

If you want to override the default library from the AUTHLIB procedure, use LIBRARY=.
If for some reason you want to modify the passwords for a secured library object that is no longer bound to a physical library, specify LIBRARY=_NONE_ with the SECUREDLIBRARY= and SECUREDFOLDER= options to locate the secured library object.
Do not use LIB=_none_ when the secured library object is bound to a physical library.
LIB=_none_ causes the action to operate only on the secured library object and has no effect on the physical data.