AUTHLIB Procedure

Example 2: Binding a Physical Library That Contains Password-Protected Data Sets

CREATE Statement and Options:


Library ABCDE also has EMPLOYEES, EMPINFO, and PRODUCT data sets. However, in library ABCDE, the EMPLOYEES and EMPINFO data sets are protected with a Read password of abcd, a Write password of efgh, and an Alter password of ijkl before the library is secured by the statements in the last example. The third data set, PRODUCT, is not protected with passwords.


/*  To secure a library that has password-protected data sets  */
/*  that all share the same alter password ijkl with */
/* PROC AUTHLIB CREATE, submit: */

proc authlib lib=abcde; 
 create securedfolder="Department XYZZY"    


The library was bound and the unprotected data set password was set. The protected data sets’ passwords did not change because their current passwords were not specified.
Password-Protected Data Sets

179  proc authlib lib=abcde;
181   create securedfolder="Department XYZZY"
182          securedlibrary="ABCDEEmps"
183          pw=XXXXXXXX;
185  run;

NOTE: Successfully created a secured library object for the physical library ABCDE and recorded its
      location as:
           SecuredFolder:      /System/Secured Libraries/Department XYZZY
           SecuredLibrary:     ABCDEEmps
           SecuredLibraryGUID: 4881263D-C346-41F7-AC49-BF9181AF13D2
ERROR: The ALTER password is the most restrictive on ABCDE.EMPINFO.DATA. You must supply its value in
       order to alter or add any passwords.
ERROR: The ALTER password is the most restrictive on ABCDE.EMPLOYEES.DATA. You must supply its value
       in order to alter or add any passwords.
NOTE: Successfully added new secured table object "PRODUCT.DATA" to the secured library object at
      path "/System/Secured Libraries/Department XYZZY/ABCDEEmps" for data set ABCDE.PRODUCT.DATA.
NOTE: The passwords on ABCDE.PRODUCT.DATA were successfully modified.
NOTE: Some statement actions not processed because of errors noted above.
186  quit;

NOTE: The SAS System stopped processing this step because of errors.
NOTE: PROCEDURE AUTHLIB used (Total process time):
      real time           0.14 seconds
      cpu time            0.09 seconds