AUTHLIB Procedure

Overview: AUTHLIB Procedure

The AUTHLIB procedure is a utility procedure that manages metadata-bound libraries. With PROC AUTHLIB, you can do the following:
  • create a metadata-bound library by binding a physical library to metadata within a SAS Metadata Repository
  • modify password values for a metadata-bound library
  • repair metadata-bound libraries by recovering security information, secured library objects, and secured table objects (this functionality is preproduction in this release)
  • remove the physical security information and metadata objects that protect a metadata-bound library
  • report inconsistencies between physical library contents and corresponding metadata objects within a specified metadata-bound library
Users cannot access metadata-bound data sets from any release of SAS prior to the second maintenance release of SAS 9.3.
Note: For a z/OS direct-access bound library that has been bound to metadata, the constraint is slightly broader—neither the library nor any of its members can be accessed by earlier releases of SAS.