PRINT Procedure

PAGEBY Statement

Controls page ejects that occur before a page is full.
Requirement: BY statement
Creating Separate Sections of a Report for Groups of Observations


PAGEBY BY-variable;

Required Argument

identifies a variable appearing in the BY statement in the PROC PRINT step. If the value of the BY variable changes, or if the value of any BY variable that precedes it in the BY statement changes, PROC PRINT begins printing a new page.
Interaction:If you use the BY statement with the SAS system option NOBYLINE, which suppresses the BY line that normally appears in output produced with BY-group processing, PROC PRINT always starts a new page for each BY group. This behavior ensures that if you create customized BY lines by putting BY-group information in the title and suppressing the default BY lines with NOBYLINE, the information in the titles matches the report on the pages. (See Creating Titles That Contain BY-Group Information .)