PRINT Procedure

VAR Statement

Selects variables that appear in the report and determines their order.
Tip: If you omit the VAR statement, PROC PRINT prints all variables in the data set.
Selecting Variables to PrintCreating a Customized Layout with BY Groups and ID Variables


Required Argument

identifies the variables to print. PROC PRINT prints the variables in the order in which you list them.
Interaction:In the PROC PRINT output, variables that are listed in the ID statement precede variables that are listed in the VAR statement. If a variable in the ID statement also appears in the VAR statement, the output contains two columns for that variable.

Optional Argument

STYLE <(location(s))>=<style-element-name> <[style-attribute-specification(s)]>
specifies the style element to use for all columns that are created by a VAR statement.
Tip:To specify different style elements for different columns, use a separate VAR statement to create a column for each variable and add a different STYLE option to each VAR statement.
See:For information about the arguments of this option and how it is used, see the option STYLE= in the PROC PRINT statement.