TIMEPLOT Procedure

Requirement: At least one PLOT statement is required.
Tips: Supports the Output Delivery System. See Output Delivery System: Basic Concepts in SAS Output Delivery System: User's Guide in the SAS Output Delivery System: User's Guide for details.

You can use the ATTRIB, FORMAT, LABEL, and WHERE statements. See Statements with the Same Function in Multiple Procedures for details. You can also use any global statements. See Global Statements for a list.


PROC TIMEPLOT <option(s)>;
BY <DESCENDING> variable-1
<…<DESCENDING> variable-n>
CLASS variable(s);
ID variable(s);
PLOT plot-request(s)/option(s);

Table of Procedure Tasks

Statement Task Example
PROC TIMEPLOT Statement Request that the plots be produced Ex. 4
BY Statement Produce a separate plot for each BY group  
CLASS Statement Group data according to the values of the class variables Ex. 5
ID Statement Print in the listing the values of the variables that you identify Ex. 1, Ex. 2, Ex. 3
PLOT Statement Specify the plots to produce Ex. 1, Ex. 2, Ex. 3, Ex. 4, Ex. 5