The NETDRAW Procedure


PROC NETDRAW options ;

The following options can appear in the PROC NETDRAW statement.

ANNOTATE= SAS-data-set

specifies the input data set that contains the appropriate annotate variables for the purpose of adding text and graphics to the network diagram. The data set specified must be an Annotate data set. See the section Using the Annotate Facility for further details about this option.

DATA= SAS-data-set

names the SAS data set to be used by PROC NETDRAW for producing a network diagram. If DATA= is omitted, the most recently created SAS data set is used. This data set, also referred to as the Network data set, contains the network information (ACTIVITY and SUCCESSOR variables) and any ID variables that are to be displayed within the nodes. For details about this data set, see the section Network Input Data Set.


indicates that the network be drawn in full-screen mode. This enables you to view the network diagram produced by NETDRAW in different scales; you can also move nodes around the diagram to modify the layout.

GOUT= graphics-catalog

specifies the name of the graphics catalog used to save the output produced by PROC NETDRAW for later replay. This option is valid only if the GRAPHICS option is specified.


indicates that the network diagram produced be of high-resolution quality. If you specify the GRAPHICS option, but you do not have SAS/GRAPH software licensed at your site, the procedure stops and issues an error message. GRAPHICS is the default mode.

IMAGEMAP= SAS-data-set

names the SAS data set that receives a description of the areas of a graph and a link for each area. This information is for the construction of HTML image maps. You use a SAS DATA step to process the output file and generate your own HTML files. The graph areas correspond to the link information that comes from the WEB variable in the Network data set. This gives you complete control over the appearance and structure of your HTML pages.


produces a network diagram of line-printer quality.


requests the procedure not to display any output. The procedure still produces the Layout data set containing the details about the network layout. This option is useful to determine node placement and arc routing for a network that can be used at a later time to display the diagram.

OUT= SAS-data-set

specifies a name for the output data set produced by PROC NETDRAW. This data set, also referred to as the Layout data set, contains the node and arc placement information determined by PROC NETDRAW to draw the network. This data set contains all the information that was specified in the Network data set to define the project; in addition, it contains variables that specify the coordinates for the nodes and arcs of the network diagram. For details about the Layout data set, see the section Layout Data Set.

If the OUT= option is omitted, the procedure creates a data set and names it according to the DATAn convention.