The NETDRAW Procedure

Macro Variable _ORNETDR

The NETDRAW procedure defines a macro variable named _ORNETDR. This variable contains a character string that indicates the status of the procedure. It is set at procedure termination. The form of the _ORNETDR character string is STATUS= REASON= , where STATUS= is either SUCCESSFUL or ERROR_EXIT and REASON= (if PROC NETDRAW terminated unsuccessfully) can be one of the following:









This information can be used when PROC NETDRAW is one step in a larger program that needs to determine whether the procedure terminated successfully or not. Because _ORNETDR is a standard SAS macro variable, it can be used in the ways that all macro variables can be used.

In addition to providing the STATUS= REASON= string that indicates the status of the procedure, the macro variable _ORNETDR also provides some information about the network diagram produced by the current invocation of PROC NETDRAW.

The information given in _ORNETDR is described in the following list, along with the keyword that identifies it. These values refer to those actually used in producing the network diagram and are not necessarily the same as those specified in the invocation of the procedure.

  • HPAGES= The number of horizontal pages

  • VPAGES= The number of vertical pages

  • SEGNAME= The name of the first network diagram segment in graphics mode

Note: Some of the information might be redundant or predictable in certain display modes. For example, the value of the SEGNAME= option is empty in line-printer and full-screen modes. The values of the HPAGES= and VPAGES= options are equal to 1 in full-screen mode.