The OPTMILP Option Tuner


PERFORMANCE <performance-options> ;

The PERFORMANCE statement specifies performance options for single-machine mode and distributed mode, passes variables that describe the distributed computing environment, and requests detailed performance results of the OPTMILP procedure.

For single-machine mode, you can use the NTHREADS= option to specify the number of threads to use on a single machine. For distributed mode, you can use the NODES= and NTHREADS= options to specify the numbers of computer nodes and threads per node to use in a distributed computing environment.

When multiple threads are specified, several MILP solvers can run concurrently on a single machine or a computer node. You might consider reducing the value of the NTHREADS= option when the MILP solver returns an out-of-memory status for some tuning problems.

The DETAILS option displays a detailed performance Timing table. The OPTMILP option tuner supports only the nondeterministic mode of the PARALLELMODE= option in the PERFORMANCE statement.

The PERFORMANCE statement for single-machine and distributed mode is documented in the section PERFORMANCE Statement in Chapter 4: Shared Concepts and Topics.

Note: Distributed mode requires SAS High-Performance Optimization software.