GSLIDE Procedure

Restriction: The GSLIDE procedure is not supported by the JAVA, JAVAIMG, ACTIVEX, and ACTXIMG devices. If you use one of these devices with the GSLIDE procedure, the SAS/GRAPH software uses the PNG device driver to generate the output instead.
Requirement: At least one of these is required: a TITLE, FOOTNOTE, or NOTE statement; an appearance option; the BORDER graphics option.
Global statements: FOOTNOTE, TITLE
Supports: RUN-group processing
Note: The procedure can include the SAS/GRAPH NOTE statement. See TITLE, FOOTNOTE, and NOTE Statements.
Tip: When using procedures that support RUN-group processing, include a QUIT statement after the last RUN statement. Using the QUIT statement is especially important when the procedure is supposed to completely terminate within the boundaries of an ODS destination (for example, ODS PDF; procedure-code; ODS PDF CLOSE;). See RUN-Group Processing for more information.