GDEVICE Procedure


Starts the procedure and determines whether it is running in windowing mode or program mode. Can identify a device catalog and specify how that catalog is opened.



Optional Arguments

Options used in the PROC GDEVICE statement affect how you use the procedure. They specify how to open the catalog.

opens a catalog in browse mode. You cannot modify a catalog when you open it with the BROWSE option. If you are running in program mode when you use BROWSE, you can use only the FS, LIST, QUIT, END, or STOP statements.
CATALOG=<libref.>SAS-catalog CAT=<libref.>SAS-catalog C=<libref.>SAS-catalog
specifies the catalog containing device information. If you do not specify a catalog, the procedure opens the first catalog found in the search order of catalogs in browse mode. For search order of source catalogs, see Search Order of Device Catalogs.
To edit the device entries in a catalog, you must specify the CATALOG= option.
specifies that you are using program mode. In windowing environments, the GDEVICE windows are the default, and you must specify NOFS to start GDEVICE in program mode.