GDEVICE Procedure

MODIFY Statement

Changes the values in a device entry.
Restriction: Not valid in browse mode.
Requirement: You must have Write access to the current catalog to modify a device entry. You must specify the CATALOG= option in the PROC GDEVICE statement to have Write access to the current catalog.
See: Creating or Modifying Device Entries

Creating a Custom Device Entry with Program Statements


MODIFY device-entry parameter(s);

Required Arguments

specifies the one-level name of the device entry that you want to modify.
Restriction:The entry must exist in the current catalog.
are the parameters that you want to modify. These can be any of the parameters that you can specify with the ADD statement, whether listed as required or optional for the ADD statement. See ADD Statement for more information. Refer to Graphics Options and Device Parameters Dictionary for a description of each parameter.


To modify a device entry, create your own catalog and then copy the device entries that you need into it. You can then change your personal copies of the device entries without affecting the original drivers in SASHELP.DEVICES. (To copy device entries, use either the COPY statement, the COPY command that is available after you select Import Device Entry from the DIRECTORY` window's File menu, or the CATALOG procedure, which is part of Base SAS.)
Be careful when modifying device entries in program mode.
In program mode, you cannot cancel any modifications that you have just made. To change a value that you have modified, you must use another MODIFY statement to replace the original value or reset it to its default. (In the GDEVICE windows, you can type the CANCEL command in the command line to cancel changes that you have made to the fields.)