GDEVICE Procedure

LIST Statement

Lists all of the parameters of the specified device entry in the Output window.
Default: _ALL_
See: Running the GDEVICE Procedure in Program Mode


LIST <device-entry> <_ALL_> <_NEXT_> <_PREV_> <DUMP>;

Optional Arguments

specifies the one-level name of the device entry whose contents you want to list.
Restriction:The entry must exist in the current catalog.
lists only the name, description, and creation date of all device entries in the current catalog. If no entries exist in the catalog, the GDEVICE procedure issues a message.
lists the contents of the next device entry. The GDEVICE procedure lists the first entry in the catalog if no entries have been previously listed.
lists the contents of the previous device entry. If you have not previously listed the contents of a device entry, the GDEVICE procedure issues this message: No objects preceding current object.
lists detailed information about all device entries in the current catalog. Depending on the number of device entries in the catalog, the DUMP option can create a large amount of output.