GPROJECT Procedure

About Coordinate Values

Longitude and Latitude Coordinates shows the standard coordinate system for map data sets with coordinates in longitude and latitude. For the longitude and latitude values (below and to the right of the figure, respectively) the upper value is expressed in degrees and the lower value is expressed in radians. A radian is approximately 57.3 degrees.
Longitude and Latitude Coordinates
Longitude and latitude coordinates
By default, the GPROJECT procedure assumes that the units for the input coordinate values are radians and that values for the horizontal coordinate increase from east to west across the map. If your map coordinates are stored as degrees of arc, use the DEGREE option in the PROC GPROJECT statement. If the horizontal coordinate values in the map increase west-to-east rather than east-to-west, use the EASTLONG option in the PROC GPROJECT statement.
The unprojected map data sets that are provided with SAS/GRAPH can be projected if you use the default procedure characteristics: coordinate units in the data sets are radians, and horizontal values increase east-to-west.