DBLOAD Procedure

RESET Statement

Resets column names and data types to their default values


RESET ALL | variable-identifier-1 <…variable-identifier-n>;


The RESET statement resets columns that are associated with the listed SAS variables to default values for the DBMS column name, column data type, and ability to accept NULL values. If you specify ALL, all columns are reset to their default values, and any dropped columns are restored with their default values. Here are the default values.
column name
defaults to the SAS variable name, or to the SAS variable label (if you have used the LABEL statement).
column type
is generated from the SAS variable format.
uses the DBMS default value.
The variable-identifier argument can be either the SAS variable name or the positional equivalent from the LIST statement. The positional equivalent is the number that represents the variable's place in the data set. For example, if you want to reset the column associated with the third SAS variable, submit this statement:
reset 3;
You must use the RESET statement after the LABEL statement for the LABEL statement to take effect.