DBLOAD Procedure

LIST Statement

Lists information about the variables to be loaded
Default: ALL


Optional Arguments

lists information about all variables in the input SAS data set, despite whether those variables are selected for the load.
lists information about only the input SAS variables that are selected for the load.
lists information about only the specified variable. The variable-identifier argument can be either the SAS variable name or the positional equivalent. The positional equivalent is the number that represents the variable's position in the data set. For example, if you want to list information for the column associated with the third SAS variable, submit this statement: list 3;


The LIST statement lists information about some or all of the SAS variables to be loaded into the new DBMS table. By default, the list is sent to the SAS log.
You can specify LIST as many times as you want while creating a DBMS table; specify LIST before the LOAD statement to see the entire table.