DBLOAD Procedure

TABLE= Statement

Names the DBMS table to be created and loaded


TABLE= <'>DBMS-specific-syntax<'>;


When you create and load or append to a DBMS table, the TABLE= statement is required. It must follow other database connection statements such as DATABASE= or USER=. The TABLE= statement specifies the name of the DBMS table to be created and loaded into a DBMS database. The table name must be a valid table name for the DBMS. (See the DBMS-specific reference in this document for the syntax for your DBMS.) If your table name contains lowercase characters, special characters, or national characters, it must be enclosed in quotation marks.
In addition, you must specify a table name that does not already exist. If a table by that name exists, an error message is written to the SAS log, and the table specified in this statement is not loaded.
When you are submitting dynamic DBMS-specific SQL statements to the DBMS without creating and loading a table, do not use this statement.