DBLOAD Procedure

See: DB2 under UNIX and PC Hosts, DB2 under z/OS, Microsoft SQL Server, ODBC, Oracle, Sybase for DBMS-specific details..


PROC DBLOAD <options>;
TABLE= <'>table-name <'>;
ACCDESC= <libref.>access-descriptor;
COMMIT= commit-frequency;
DELETE variable-identifier-1
ERRLIMIT= error-limit;
LIMIT= load-limit;
LIST <ALL | COLUMN | variable-identifier>;
NULLS variable-identifier-1 = Y | N
<…variable-identifier-n = Y | N>;
RENAME variable-identifier-1 = <'>column-name-1<'>
<…variable-identifier-n = <'>column-name-n<'>>;
RESET ALL | variable-identifier-1<…variable-identifier-n>;
SQL DBMS-specific SQL-statement;
TYPE variable-identifier-1 = 'column-type-1' <…variable-identifier-n = 'column-type-n'>;
WHERE SAS-where-expression;

Table of Procedure Tasks

Statement Task
PROC DBLOAD Statement Send data from SAS to a DBMS
Database Connection Statement Provide DBMS connection information
ACCDESC= Statement Create an access descriptor based on the new DBMS table
COMMIT= Statement Issue a commit or save rows after a specified number of inserts
DELETE Statement Specify variables that should not be loaded into the new table
ERRLIMIT= Statement Stop the loading of data after a specified number of errors
LABEL Statement Cause DBMS column names to default to SAS labels
LIMIT= Statement Limit the number of observations that are loaded
LIST Statement List information about the variables to be loaded
LOAD Statement Create and load the new DBMS table
NULLS Statement Specify whether DBMS columns accept NULL values
QUIT Statement Terminate the procedure
RENAME Statement Rename DBMS columns
RESET Statement Reset column names and data types to their default values
SQL Statement Submit a DBMS-specific SQL statement to the DBMS
TABLE= Statement Name the DBMS table to be created and loaded
TYPE Statement Change default DBMS data types in the new table
WHERE Statement Load a subset of data into the new table