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Private Live Web Policies & Guidelines

Please read and follow the following guidelines below to ensure an optimal service experience.

Private Live Web classes:

SAS' Live Web classes are instructor-based courses delivered over the Internet in real-time using a combination of Web conferencing and audio conferencing. A private Live Web class can be scheduled exclusively for one organization.


A course description is provided to the customer for distribution to potential attendees. SAS strongly recommends that only those with the prerequisite skills participate in the course.

You may register up to 20 students per class.

System Requirements:

Live Web classes are designed for each student to join with an independent connection to the Web conference, virtual lab, and audio conference for optimal participation in the class. Some organizations do not have sufficient bandwidth to support a high number of simultaneous connections. Before scheduling a Private Live Web class for your organization, please test your organization's bandwidth and your ability to connect to the virtual lab through your organization's firewall. These tests must be completed from each room that will be used for the class. Follow these steps to complete the tests. Make sure you meet the system requirements for a Live Web class.

International Attendees:

The audio portion of the Live Web class is delivered over standard telephone lines. SAS provides a toll-free number and a toll number to registered students. The toll-free number may be used by students located in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. For all other countries, telephone charges will apply.

Course Materials:

Students will receive a link to download an electronic copy of the course materials. This link is included in the instructions email that students receive 3 business days before the class date.

Course Hours:

Private Live Web classes are scheduled in half-day sessions of 3.5 hours. Some classes may span several sessions.


At this time, we do not provide diplomas for Private Live Web classes.

Purchase Orders:

Customer purchase orders will be accepted as an administrative convenience. Terms and conditions not agreed to in writing and signed on behalf of SAS Institute Inc. do not apply.


SAS must receive any nondisclosure documents 3 weeks prior to any service. No service provider has the authority to sign a nondisclosure agreement at the start of a service.

Cancellation Policy:

You must cancel no later than 21 days before the scheduled start date to avoid a 25% cancellation penalty (25% of the published applicable fee). To cancel, the customer should call his Education Account Representative. SAS will work on a best-effort basis to schedule alternative dates. Rescheduling training less than 21 days prior to the original start date of the course is considered a cancellation of training and the 25% penalty will be charged.

Recording Devices:

With the exception of accommodations made for disabled students, SAS strictly prohibits the use of audio or video recording devices during training sessions. SAS reserves the right to record a Live Web class for future rebroadcast.