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Using the SAS Integration Technologies Configuration Utility (ITConfig)
Using ITConfig to Create Metadata Configuration Files
Using ITConfig to Test Connections
COM Servers

Using the SAS Integration Technologies Configuration Utility (ITConfig)

The SAS Integration Technologies configuration utility (ITConfig) enables you to generate metadata configuration files and test Integrated Object Model (IOM) connections between client machines and SAS. Using the ITConfig application, you can perform the following tasks:

  • create metadata configuration files that can be used to access an LDAP server or SAS Metadata Server
  • test and diagnose IOM connections to SAS servers. The application can test COM, DCOM, and IOM Bridge connection types.
  • set the registry parameters that are used by the workspace manager on an LDAP server.

Starting the Application

Select Start -> Programs -> SAS -> SAS 9.1 Utilities -> Integration Technologies Configuration to open ITConfig.

When the program starts, it checks the Windows program registry for unused SAS Integration Technologies entries. If any unused entries are found, the application gives you the option of removing the entries.

The SAS Integration Technologies Configuration window appears.

Integration Technologies Configuration window

This window displays information about your current configuration, including the version of SAS installed, whether DCOM is installed and active, and DCOM configuration settings. Use this window to choose which task you want to perform:

  • create metadata configuration files (Create Metadata Config File)
  • test the connection to a SAS Workspace Server or SAS Metadata Server (Test Connection)
  • view and change the LDAP parameters for the Workspace Manager (not used for the SAS Open Metadata Architecture).