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May 2014 Configuring SASŪ Web Report Studio 4.2 (and Later) and the SASŪ Scalable Performance Data Server (PDF)
This paper explains how to configure SAS Web Report Studio to leverage large amounts of data that are stored in SAS Scalable Performance Data Server.
March 2011 SASŪ Web Report Studio: Exploring OLAP Data (PDF)
Did you know that you can explore OLAP data in SAS Web Report Studio? Capabilities such as direct OLAP access and ad hoc querying are described.
March 2010 Be All That You Can Be: Best Practices in Using Roles to Control Functionality in SAS 9.2 (PDF)
This paper covers roles that are supported within a SAS Enterprise BI Server deployment. It addresses how you can create your own custom roles, and provides best practices for managing and protecting predefined roles. The paper helps you avoid some possible issues when creating and assigning roles, and demonstrates debugging and testing techniques.
February 2010 Using SQL Pass Thru to Improve Web Report Studio Performance (PDF)
Accessing Oracle, SQL, or other relational data stores using SQL Pass-Thru functionality is significantly more efficient than standard SAS SQL steps. This presentation includes instructions on how to implement this performance improving mechanism on your SAS BI Server architecture.
June 2009 Build Your First Web-based Report Using the SASŪ 9.2 Business Intelligence Clients (PDF)
SASŪ Web Report Studio reports are built using SAS Information Maps. This paper is a practical introduction to creating an information map in SASŪ Information Map Studio for new and experienced users. This paper explains how to use that information map to build a report and refine the report after results are displayed.
March 2009 Branding SAS Web Applications for Your Enterprise (PDF)
This paper discusses the new tools and processes added in SAS 9.2 for creating and maintaining custom themes. Examples from the SAS Enterprise BI Web applications (SAS Web Report Studio and the SAS Information Delivery Portal) will be shown to illustrate some of the possibilities available with the release of SAS 9.2.
March 2008 What's New in SAS Web Report Studio 4.2 (PDF)
The latest revision of SAS Web Report Studio, the zero download query, analysis and reporting tool included with the SAS Enterprise BI Server, is full of enhancements based on feedback from customers like you. You will love the new desktop like experience on the Web.