SAS® LASR Analytic Server

This analytic platform provides a secure, multi-user environment for concurrent access to data that is loaded into memory. The SAS LASR Analytic Server can take advantage of a distributed computing environment by distributing data and the workload among multiple machines and performing massively parallel processing. It can also be deployed on a single machine where the workload and data volumes do not demand a distributed computing environment.

SAS LASR Analytic Server is not sold separately. It is the power behind some of our core In-Memory Analytics products, such as SAS® Visual Analytics.


The most recent release is LASR Analytic Server 2.83.

What's New

  • PROC LASR documentation is updated to indicate that the IMSTAT procedure is used to set the CONCURRENT value for a distributed server. You must use the SERVERPARM statement with the IMSTAT procedure for a distributed server.
  • The TAG= option is added to the LASR procedure. When you load data and specify the ADD and DATA= options, you can also specify a TAG= option that sets the server tag for the in-memory table.
  • For a distributed server, you can enable an option in the resources.settings that makes the server less vulnerable to failures introduced by network port scanning software. 

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SAS LASR Analytic Server 2.83

Previous Versions


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SAS LASR Analytic Server 2.8

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SAS LASR Analytic Server 2.6

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