Support for Databases in SAS® Viya® 3.3

Support for Amazon Redshift 

SAS/ACCESS Interface to Amazon Redshift includes a required ODBC driver.

Support for IBM DB2

IBM DB2 Connect™ must also be licensed if you plan to connect to IBM DB2 databases that are running on AS/400, VSE, VM, MVS, and z/OS systems.

The following DBMS products are supported:

  • IBM DB2 version 10.5 or later
  • Client utilities for IBM DB2 version 10.5 or later

SAS recommends installing the latest FixPack on the client and server.

Support for Greenplum

SAS/ACCESS Interface to Greenplum includes the required 64-bit ODBC driver.  Greenplum Database version 4.3 or later is supported.

Support for Hadoop

SAS® Viya® supports the following Hadoop third-party distributions:

  • Cloudera CDH 5.5 and later releases.
  • Hortonworks HDP 2.4 and later releases. 
  • MapR 5.2 and later releases.

SAS In-Database Technologies for Hadoop (on SAS Viya) requires the following components:

  • Apache Hive
    In addition, Hive (specifically, the script) requires the following software:
    • Oracle JRE version 1.8 or a later version
    • Python, strace, and wget (which are included with Linux)
  • MapReduce
  • YARN
  • HCatalog for processing non-delimited Hive file types. 
  • SAS Embedded Process for Hadoop, which has already been deployed.

Note: In order to load data in parallel with the SAS Embedded Process, the CAS controller and each CAS worker must have an IP address to which the SAS Embedded Process nodes can be externally routed.

SAS identifies the specific set of Hadoop distributions that are supported with each SAS product release. The SAS policy that applies to alternative releases or distributions of Hadoop is documented at The same policy that applies to SAS 9.4 also applies to SAS Viya.

Support for HAWQ

SAS/ACCESS Interface to HAWQ includes the required 64-bit ODBC driver. Apache HAWQ Database version 2.2 or later is supported.

Support for Impala 

SAS/ACCESS Interface to Hadoop Impala supports Impala Server version 2.5 or a later version. It also supports the ODBC Driver for Impala, version 2.5.34 or a later version.

In addition, the ODBC Driver for Impala requires a compatible ODBC Driver Manager, such as the unixODBC Driver Manager.

Support for Microsoft SQL Server

SAS/ACCESS Interface to Microsoft SQL Server supports the following Microsoft products:

  • Microsoft Azure SQL Database
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 or later

Support for MySQL

SAS Viya supports the following DBMS products:

  • MySQL Client version 5.6 or later
  • MySQL Server version 5.6 or later

Support for Netezza

SAS/ACCESS Interface to Netezza requires an ODBC driver from IBM. To obtain the appropriate IBM Netezza ODBC driver, contact IBM Technical Support at (877) 426-6006 or visit the IBM Fix Central website:

SAS Viya supports the following DBMS products:

  • IBM Netezza version 7.0 or later         
  • Client utilities for IBM Netezza version 7.0 or later

For best results, match the Netezza ODBC client version with the version of the Netezza server where it will be connected. For example, if you have IBM Netezza Interface server release 7.0.4, you should use the ODBC client driver release 7.0.4 with SAS/ACCESS Interface to Netezza.

Support for ODBC 

Before you can use SAS Viya with ODBC, an ODBC driver is required for the data source from which you want to access data. ODBC drivers are often available from DBMS vendors and other third-party ODBC driver developers. Your ODBC driver must comply with the ODBC 3.5 (or later) specification.

You must install the ODBC driver on the CAS controller.

Note: The ODBC driver that you select might require additional DBMS software in order to enable network access.

Support for Oracle

SAS Viya requires the following Oracle components:

  • Oracle Database 11gR2 or Oracle Server version 12c 
  • Oracle Client 11gR2 or Oracle Client version 12c (64-bit libraries)

Support for PostgreSQL 

SAS Viya can connect to PostgreSQL Database version 9.4.4 or a later version.

SAS Viya requires a driver manager and an ODBC driver for PostgreSQL. SAS provides both of these ODBC client components.

Support for SAP HANA

SAS/ACCESS Interface to SAP HANA requires the ODBC driver (64-bit) for SAP HANA from SAP. This driver is part of the SAP HANA Client.

The following SAP products are required:

  • SAP HANA SPS 11 Server or later
  • SAP HANA ODBC Client for SPS 11 or later

Support for SAP R/3

SAS Viya requires the following products:

  • SAP NetWeaver 7.0 or later
  • SAP NetWeaver RFC library, Release 7.20 or later

Support for Teradata

SAS Viya supports the following products:

  • Teradata Database version 15.10 or later
  • Teradata CLIv2 client libraries, TTU 15.10 or later for Linux (64-bit libraries)

The SAS Data Connect Accelerator for Teradata also requires SAS Embedded Process to Teradata.

SAS In-Database Technologies for Teradata requires SAS/ACCESS Interface to Teradata. The SAS Embedded Process for Teradata is included with SAS In-Database Technologies for Teradata and requires 600 MB of disk space in the /opt file system on each Teradata Trusted Parallel Application (TPA) host.

In order to load data in parallel, the CAS controller and each CAS worker must have an IP address that can be routed to externally from the SAS Embedded Process TPA nodes.

Additional disk space in the /opt file system is also required on each TPA node in order to accommodate SAS Quality Knowledge Base (QKB). The size of the QKB varies, but the default size is 8 GB.


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