The GA Procedure

WriteChild Call

call WriteChild ( selected, seg, n, source ) ;

The WriteChild call assigns values to a selected child solution from within a user crossover operator. The inputs to the WriteChild subroutine are as follows:


is an array specifying the selected family of solutions. The selected array is normally passed into the user subroutine that calls WriteChild, and should be passed unaltered to WriteChild.


is the segment to which the elements are to be written.


is the child within the family to which the elements are to be written. A value of 1 is for the first child, 2 for the second, and so on.


is an array containing the values to be written.

The WriteChild subroutine is called inside a user crossover operator subroutine to assign to the elements of a selected child solution. It is normally used to complete the action of the crossover operator.