The GA Procedure

SetProperty Call

call SetProperty ( optype <, seg>, pname, pvalue <, pname, pvalue>…) ;

The SetProperty call modifies properties of genetic operators, objective functions, and selectors. The inputs to the SetProperty subroutine are as follows:


is the type of operator. It should have a value of 'cross' for a crossover operator, 'mut' for a mutation operator, 'obj' for an objective function, or 'sel' for a selector.


is optional, used only for mutation and crossover operators, and specifies the segment in which the operator resides. It is necessary only for multisegment encoding. The default value if seg is not specified is 1.


specifies the name of a particular property to be set.


specifies the value to be assigned to the corresponding property name. Multiple property name-value pairs can be supplied in a SetProperty call.

The SetProperty call is used to set or modify properties of a genetic operator, objective function, or a selector. It can be called anytime during the optimization process to dynamically adapt optimization parameters. For example, you might call SetProperty from a user update routine to reduce the magnitude of the delta vector of a delta mutation operator as the optimization progresses to an optimum.