The GA Procedure

SetBounds Call

call SetBounds ( lower, upper <, seg> ) ;

The SetBounds call sets constant upper and lower bounds. The inputs to the SetBounds subroutine are as follows:


is a lower bound for the solution components.


is an upper bound for the solution components.


is optional, and specifies a segment of the solution to which the bounds apply. If seg is not specified, then it defaults to a value of 1.

The SetBounds subroutine is used to establish upper and lower bounds on the solution space. It applies only to integer and real encoding. For multiple segment encoding, use the seg parameter to specify a segment other than the first. upper and lower must be arrays, with the same dimension as the encoding size. SetBounds must be called for all integer or real encoded segments to which you apply the Uniform mutation operator. The action of the standard mutation and crossover operators supplied by the GA procedure is automatically modified so that the bounds established by a SetBounds call are respected. For an integer encoded segment, only integer values are allowed for the upper and lower bounds.