The GA Procedure

SetSel Call

call SetSel ( selector <, pname, pvalue><, pname, pvalue>…) ;

The SetSel call sets the selection parameters. The inputs to the SetSel subroutine are as follows:


is the type of selection strategy to be used.


is optional, and specifies the name of a particular property to be set for the selector operator.


specifies the value to be assigned to the corresponding property name.

The SetSel call is used to specify a selector for the regeneration process, which selects members of the current generation to be propagated to the next. Generally, selection is based on solution fitness, with the fittest solutions more likely to be selected.

The supported values for selector and the corresponding selector properties and their default values are summarized in Table 3.7. See the section Specifying the Selection Strategy for a full description of the available selectors and their properties.

Table 3.7: Selectors and Properties



Default values