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Different Groups for Different Needs

Did you know SAS users groups are independent, volunteer organizations run by SAS users? SAS partners with our users groups and provides a wide range of services. There are four types of US groups.


In-house groups consist of users from a single organization and allow for discussion about actual data usage. Due to confidentiality, SAS does not publish its list of in-house groups. If you would like to start a group at your organization, we'll be glad to help. Send us an email.


Local groups meet throughout the year based on their needs and bring together a broad range of user backgrounds within a city, county or state.


Regional group meetings are held annually as multiple-day conferences within a defined geographic area. Learn more.


Special interest groups serve users within a specific operational area (e.g., specific SAS software product, industry, independent consultants or online-based groups).

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Want to create a new group?

If you've searched and one doesn't exist, we can help you create one. SAS has a team of specialists that can get you started. For registered, existing groups, SAS provides a wealth of resources.

Need support for an existing group?

In order for your group to take advantage of the support and resources offered by SAS, your group must first be registered as an official SAS users group.

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