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Test your connection to the SAS Virtual Lab

The SAS Virtual Lab allows you to access the software used in class through your Web browser. With the SAS Virtual Lab, you don't need SAS software on your local machine to complete the course exercises.

If you wish to use the SAS Virtual Lab environment, the following steps should be completed to avoid Internet or firewall related issues.

  1. Navigate to the SAS Virtual Lab login page to test your ability to connect to the SAS Virtual Lab.
  2. The username and password will auto-populate. Select the Log In button
  3. Select the application labeled Custom Virtual Lab Test
  4. If you are able to connect, you will see the message: "You have successfully entered the SAS Virtual Lab!"
  5. If you do not see the message above, please contact SAS Live Web support at 919-531-9338 or by emailing It is still quite likely that you will be able to access the virtual lab with assistance from a Live Web technician.