Supported Operating Systems

The supported operating systems derived from this page are for a set of products made up of the combination of Base SAS and the orderable server-side products that are installed at the same time as Base SAS. To find system requirements for products and solutions not included here, select this link.

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SAS® News

Support Status: Windows 10

SASĀ® 9.4 TS1M3 and higher is supported on Windows 10. Supported browsers include Internet Explorer 11, Chrome, and Firefox. The Microsoft Edge browser is not supported at this time.

SAS Note: Windows 10 Creators Update Issue

Support Status: Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2016 is under review and is planned to be supported at a later date.

SAS® 9.4 TS1M4 (9.4 M4) is the current release

  • SAS 9.4 M4 was released on November 22, 2016.
  • If you are a current SAS customer and want to upgrade to SAS 9.4 from a previous release, contact your SAS account team or complete this form.
  • If you are new to SAS, complete the standard contact form.
  • Current SAS 9.4 customers can request SAS 9.4 maintenance by visiting the Maintenance Release Announcement page and using the self-service application for maintenance tool.