SAS® 9.4 — Today and Tomorrow

SAS 9.4 and SAS® Viya®

Today, SAS 9.4 helps you discover insights, manage data and make analytics approachable. With the delivery of SAS 9.4 TS1M7 - alongside Analytics 15.2 - SAS continues to deliver innovative solutions built on the SAS 9.4 platform to meet your current and future needs.

And you can integrate your SAS 9.4 and SAS Viya environments so you can take advantage of both worlds. Learn more about SAS Viya.

SAS® 9.4

The SAS 9.4 releases continue to fully use multicore technologies to deliver increased processing capabilities through high-performance, in-database and in-memory analytics resulting in greater insights more quickly from big data and streaming data. SAS 9.4 delivers a highly available and resilient platform for deploying SAS in traditional on-site environments along with additional support for private and public cloud deployments.

SAS 9.4M7 continues to add functionality that enables people of all abilities to access the power of SAS analytics. Products include support for Sonification, options to support screen readers and to enable keyboard-only input, and support for high contrast display on all viewers. See for more information about accessibility at SAS. See on-line user documentation for techniques to create accessible output. Send questions about accessibility at SAS to

Customers are encouraged to stay current with SAS product releases.

SAS 9.4 includes features that will benefit all users and administrators at your site.

Product specific documentation summarizes key capabilities that have been introduced.

SAS Administrators should be aware that Maintenance Releases and Product Updates has information about migrating to SAS 9.4.