Treeview HTML Generator

Enabling Character Transcoding

Use the following arguments in your DS2TREE macro call to perform character transcoding on your SAS TITLE and FOOTNOTE lines. For more information on character transcoding, see Implementing Character Transcoding in the HTML Formatting Tools documentation.


specifies the character set name that should appear in the <META> tag in your HTML file. The character set that is specified is the one that the browser uses to display your Web page. For more information, see Specifying the Character Set in the HTML Formatting Tools documentation.

Note: DS2TREE does not perform error checking on this value. Error handling of incorrect or unsupported character-set names is provided by the user's browser.

specifies the name and location of an existing transcoding list. The transcoding list can be one of the lists that we provide for you, or it can be a transcoding list that you create for your specific needs. The transcoding list name must be a four-level name, and the fourth level must be SLIST. This argument is required only if you are implementing character transcoding.