Formatting Your Results

The HTML Formatting Tools let you convert the various types of SAS output to files formatted for use on the Web. Each tool processes a different type of data or output. For example, the HTML Data Set Formatter formats SAS data sets as HTML tables, while the HTML Output Formatter saves the output from any SAS procedure into HTML files.

The formatting is governed by a set of properties that is provided with each Formatting Tool. Because the default property lists provide the HTML formatting instructions for you, you do not need to know HTML. However, if you are familiar with HTML formatting and other browser scripting languages, you can take advantage of just about everything Web browsers offer.

When deciding how to format SAS data and output using the Formatting Tools, you can choose the method that bests fits your Web knowledge and your output requirements. You can combine any of these methods to achieve the look you want for distributing static reports and data on the Web:

Each option previously listed describes a method that you can use to format your SAS data and output. The first two methods are discussed in the topic Using the HTML Formatting Tools. The remaining methods are discussed in the following topics: