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The Treeview HTML Generator (DS2TREE macro) generates a hierarchical tree from a SAS data set. A hierarchical tree is a graphic that visually represents parent-child relationships in the data. To render (view) the generated tree, you must also have Treeview Applet.

The input data set must contain variables that can be used to define parent-child relationships. At a minimum, the data set must contain a variable that indicates the parent nodes and a variable that represents the child nodes. An example of such a data set would be an employee database, where a manager's ID code could be used to represent parent nodes, and the employee ID code could be used to represent child nodes.

See the TreeView HTML Generator examples for examples of how to use the DS2TREE macro.

Note: The documentation on this Web site is for Release 8.2 or earlier of SAS. For Version 9 documentation, see Creating Interactive Treeview Diagrams in SAS/GRAPH Reference.


%DS2TREE(argument=value, argument=value,...)

Syntax Reference

The following lists of arguments can be used in your DS2TREE macro invocation. If values are listed for an argument, then the first value that is listed is the default value.

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