HTML Data Set Formatter

Creating Custom Property Lists in Batch Mode

You can create custom property lists in batch mode using any version of SAS software on which the HTML Formatting Tools are available. For a list of available releases and platforms, see the requirements page.

To create custom property lists for the Data Set Formatter, use the property editor macro (DSPROP). When you submit this macro, you must include the runmode argument. If you use the runmode=i argument, the HTML Data Set Formatter Properties window is displayed. You can use the FRAME interface to create property lists interactively. If you want to create custom property lists without using the FRAME interface, you must run the macro in batch mode.

Invoking the Property Editor Macro

To run the macro in batch mode, you must submit the macro call, the required arguments, and all of the properties whose settings you want to change. SAS software creates a new property list and saves it to the name and location that you specify. The new list includes the values for the properties that you customized as well as the values that you did not change. You can use the %showprop macro to view the property settings in the new file.

The following shows the syntax for the properties macro:

           other arguments...);
indicates that you are running in batch mode and that you do not want to use the window interface to create custom property lists.
specifies the name and location of the property list that you want to use as the basis for the file you are creating. If you want to use the default property list provided with the formatter, use proploc=SASHELP.HTMLGEN.DSPROP.SLIST. If you want to use a custom list that you have already created, supply the complete, four-level name.
specifies the name and location where you want the property list saved. You can omit this argument if you are modifying the property list specified in the proploc argument.

You cannot write over the default property lists. Therefore, if the library specified by the proploc argument or the propsave argument is SASHELP, the property editor macro generates an error message and writes it to the LOG window.

other arguments...
specifies each property whose value you want to change. You can include any argument that controls the formatting characteristic of the output. Invalid arguments are listed below. The full list of arguments for the Data Set Formatter are described in the syntax documentation.

The following is a list of the arguments that cannot be included with the DSPROP:

     htmlfile       caption
     htmlfref       by
     openmode       id
     brtitle        var
     saspower       sum
     encode         where
     data           prtitle
     pw             prtfoot


If you are responsible for presenting up-to-date information that is stored in SAS data sets, you may want to create a custom property list to format the tables of information. If no one else needs access to your property list, you can save it to your SASUSER directory.

The following is a list of the properties you want to set.

To create a custom property list that meets these requirements, submit the following macro call to SAS software.


Because you saved this file to SASUSER.HTMLGEN and named it DSPROP, the Data Set Formatter uses this property list by default. If you name your property list something other than SASUSER.HTMLGEN.DSPROP.SLIST, you must use proploc to specify your property list.