Reviewing Current Property Settings

The HTML Formatting Tools use a default set of properties to determine the formatting associated with the Web-enabled output that the Tools generate. The default properties provided with the HTML Formatting Tools make it easy for you to create HTML-formatted pages for use on the Web. However, the default properties may not be the way you want to format some or all of your Web-enabled output.

To customize the look of the HTML-formatted output, you change the settings of the property list that governs the output generated by that tool. The formatting tools do not share the property lists; therefore, there is a property list for each tool. You can have multiple property lists for each formatting tool, or you can use the default property list that is provided with the tool.

We provide the SHOWPROP macro so that you can easily determine the current settings for each property value. To see the default property settings for an HTML Formatting Tool, issue one of the following commands:

For this tool:   Type:
HTML Data Set Formatter   %showprop(proploc=SASHELP.HTMLGEN.DSPROP.SLIST);
HTML Output Formatter   %showprop(proploc=SASHELP.HTMLGEN.OUTPROP.SLIST);
HTML Tabulate Formatter   %showprop(proploc=SASHELP.HTMLGEN.TABPROP.SLIST);

To display the settings in a property list other than the default, use the following syntax:


where property-list-name is the four-level name of the property list.

The SHOWPROP macro writes the contents of the property list to the LOG window.