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SAS Grid Computing Documents

The following documents address different topics related to SAS Grid Computing. For user-contributed papers, please see Papers.

Installing and Configuring a SAS Grid Environment
Diagrams and documents that provide the information necessary to install, configure, and troubleshoot a SAS grid environment.

Installing and Configuring SAS Grid Manager for Hadoop
Documents that provide information necessary to install, configure, validate and tune SAS Grid Manager for Hadoop.

Installing and Configuring SAS Environment Manager in a SAS Grid Environment
Documentation and script to automate additional configuration necessary to deploy SAS Environment Manager in a SAS Grid environment.

Using SAS on a Grid
Sample programs and code templates to verify a SAS Grid deployment and to enable SAS programs to run on the grid.

SAS Grid Manager and High Availability
Documents and samples for using SAS Grid Manager to configure high availability for critical SAS services.

Using SAS Grid Manager with SAS Viya
This paper demonstrates an adoption path for SAS Viya that builds on your current investment in SAS Grid Manager.

How to Interface Your Enterprise Scheduler with SAS Grid Manager
Details and samples for using an existing enterprise scheduler to transparently submit jobs to SAS Grid Manager.

Shared File Systems: Determining the Best Choice for Your Distributed SAS Foundation Applications
This paper examines the behavior of several different shared file systems in the context of performance of a representative SAS Grid Manager deployment.

Performance and Tuning Considerations for SAS Grid Manager 9.4 on Amazon (AWS) Cloud using Intel Cloud Edition for Lustre File System
This paper documents the approach to scaling the underlying AWS infrastructure to run SAS Grid Manager and meet the I/O demands of the SAS applications running on the grid.

SAS Grid Manager - A Building Block Approach
This paper describes the attributes of a well-balanced SAS Grid Manager environment. It details the use of HP ProLiant Servers and the IBM GPFS-FPO filesystem to architect a SAS Grid environment that scales both compute and I/O throughput proportionally as nodes are added to the SAS Grid.

Optimizing Red Hat GFS2® on SAS Grid
This paper will serve as a “one-stop shop” for understanding GFS2 installation precepts as they relate to SAS Grid operations and performance.

Best Practices for Data Sharing in a Grid Distributed SAS® Environment
This paper can be used as a reference guide when configuring shared storage for a grid environment that will perform and scale to meet the needs of your organization.

LSF with OS Partitioning and Virtualization
This document describes how LSF works in OS partitioning and virtualization environments.

Best Practices for Using the SAS Scalable Performance Data Server in a SAS Grid environment
This documents provides the information necessary to set up the SAS Scalable Performance Data Server in a SAS grid environment.

Platform Scheduling
SAS® Scheduling documents and troubleshooting scheduling problems.

SAS Grid Manager User Documentation