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Implementing Authentication
Host Authentication
Setting the System Permissions on:
Windows NT
Windows 2000
Windows XP
Specifying Default Host Domains
How Hosts Handle Domains
Trusted Authentication Mechanisms
Alternative Authentication Providers
Specifying Authentication Providers and Domains
How Servers Determine the Authentication Provider

Setting System Access Permissions on UNIX

Like many other SAS processes, the IOM servers require that the SASPERM and SASAUTH files in the !SASROOT/utilities/bin directory be owned by the root user and have the setuid bit enabled. These permissions are typically set during SAS installation, using the setup utility. You might want to verify that the appropriate permissions are set. If they are not, then enable the setuid bit and change the owner to root by using one of the following methods.

Method 1: Using SAS Setup

  1. Log on to the root account.
    $ su root

  2. Run SAS Setup from !SASROOT/sassetup.

  3. From the SAS Setup primary menu, select Run Setup Utilities.

  4. Select Perform SAS System Configuration.

  5. Select Configure User Authorization.

Method 2: Using the Command Line

At a UNIX prompt, type the following:
$ su root
# cd !SASROOT/utilities/bin
# chown root sasauth sasperm sasrun
# chmod 4755 sasauth sasperm sasrun
# exit